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About Us

Coursento is a young start-up based in Berlin who set its sights on offering short term courses from top universities from all over the world and make them in this way accessible and visible to the public. Within just three clicks not only students but also teachers, researchers and young professionals can find a suitable course, choose the location and period of time and book them directly on the platform of Coursento.

Our Team © Photo by Jacek Ruta

Elena Eyngorn Co-founder & CEO
Dmitriy Ostroverkhov Co-founder & COO
Dmitry Zviagilsky Co-founder & CTO
Wachtang Budagaschwili Business Development
Darinka Antic Product Manager
Anastasia Shestaeva Social Media Manager
Javad Zeynalov Assistant Student
Dmitriy Gerasimov UI Developer
Mariya Chaplina Designer

Why we had the idea

Universities all over the world offer short term courses that are opened not only for students from their university but for a larger group of people. Often there´s a lack of information on existing courses. Coursento gives the universities the opportunity to promote and sell short-term courses on a web platform, so that interested future participants can get easy and direct access to world leading courses.

Currently, students, researchers and young professionals have the thirst for educational mobility, to be able to improve their skills and gain international experience at the same time. This trend will increase even more. That’s why Coursento developed a unique marketplace to connect universities with trainees and hereby create a much more diverse audience than the traditional local advertising and promotion enables. Also it simplifies the booking process by offering the unique possibility to book a course within just three clicks.

Our motivation

We are driven by the desire to make short-term course education more accessible for people all over the world and to bring minds, ambitions and opportunities together. We strongly believe that the success of this idea lies in uniting our efforts internationally.

How to get involved

If this brief description of our idea has awoken your interest, we would be happy to have you be a part of our Coursento platform. To join us, please fill out the registration form by visiting the following links:

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